Aisling (pronounced ASH-LING) Elizabeth is a bestselling author on episodic and serialised release apps, specialising in Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy, with a spicy twist. Her books have made it into Best Selling, Top Romance, Readers Choice and many other categories in some of the top serialised platforms on the market. And all in her first year of publishing her work. In addition to this, Aisling also gained international number 1 bestseller status in a book collaboration and helped to raise money for much needed charity causes. Aisling began writing from a young age, but only started sharing her work publicly in March of 2021. In April 2022 Aisling branched out into mainstream markets and published Beyond Beta’s Rejection, the first book in The Divine Order Series.


When Aisling is not working on her latest books she is a mum to two amazing children and two noisy superhero cats called Thor and Loki, and lives in Yorkshire, UK. She is a bit of a geek at heart and loves music, so she likes to visit fan conventions and music gigs.

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