Sometimes while writing, our characters stop talking to us. It is frustrating and heart breaking. But often we just need a little break and some time apart. 

I take this very seriously and I know that if I try to force a story, it imply won’t be the best it could be. 

So I have decided to put this series on hold for the time being until we can work together again. I promise this series will be finished, and it will be EPIC!

“ I won’t stop until my beautiful angel’s body and soul is mine”


When Harper finds out that completing her fated mate bond with Elias has resulted in dire consequences, she must seek out a witch who is refusing her divine call to help her fix the seal to the gateway of hell under her hometown.

But when Elias starts to act out of character she discovers that something has already escaped and is hellbent on completing his own bond with her. An act that will break open the seal entirely and release hell on earth.

Will Harper be seduced by the powerful demon who is claiming that she is destined to be his? Or will she resist his pull, and save her fated mate in time? Truths are discovered, secrets are revealed and decisions have shattering consequences in Book 2 of the Divine Order series.